zoe collins




The Array exhibition provides a unique and interactive look into the world of color theory. With a focus on the playfulness of a children’s book but the insight of a designer, the exhibition aims to inform and entertain children and their parents alike.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dimensions, SketchUp

Many children in school find art to be boring and useless – but Array offers to change that. A colorful environment promotes an engaging experience for all visitors, and interactivity allows children to learn about color in an exciting, hands-on way. Throughout the exhibition, visitors are guided through a progressing story of what color is, how it functions, and the relevance it has in our lives. Eye-catching graphics aim to teach and entertain the younger audiences — especially those uninterested in reading — while the text is focused towards an older and more inquisitive audience. At the end of the exhibition, children are prompted to create and think about colors in their life — a way of connecting Array to our shared reality.